A Charlestowne Engagement

I first started talking to Alyssa through a bridal website out of Charlotte. She called and we chatted for about half an hour and we managed to laugh and share stories. I then drove up to meet them in Columbia to talk about wedding photography and this past weekend they came down to visit Charleston and we went to Charlestowne Landing. There are so many unique backdrops here and these two were so in love. 


As the afternoon light peeked through the trees dripping in Spanish moss we found ourselves among the big sweeping oak trees. An outfit change and some laughs and I continued shooting!


We continued our journey along the water looking for the gardens, but sadly the unusually warm spring temps in the 90's had burned all the flowers- except for ONE tiny spot! We managed to get a gorgeous image there


Our journey was ending as we wound back around the main road back to the parking lot. I couldn't help but notice how gorgeous the trees looked overhanging the road.  These two pulled off the iconic lift pose oh so well


These two were so much fun and I cannot wait to photograph their wedding next May in Charlotte! 

Sophie and Sullivan

I had placed a model call for a lifestyle breastfeeding session in someone's home and Sophie happened to answer! She is absolutely beautiful and sweet Sullivan is just adorable! We had a blast and got some pretty amazing images! Thank you so much for allowing me into your home 

Stay Wild My Darling

Last week my oldest daughter came home and was in tears because some boy at school had made her feel less than worthy! Abbie is a dreamer, a poet, a song composer, a singer and a lover of the arts. She is beautiful inside and out. So after hugging her I decided that she deserved to see how beautiful the rest of the world found her!  We found some beautiful wildflowers along side the road and the rest is some mama magic !! 

copy 1.jpg

At 10 years old, she is still so innocent and I hope she can remain that way for just a little while longer. I want her to know how loved and valued she truly is! Keep dreaming my beautiful girl